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Industry Updates / by Yatindra Singh
Jamboard, a cloud based, collaborative whiteboard, is available for purchase in several countries such as United States, Canada, UK, select parts of Europe, and Australia. Google has now expanded that list further by bringing Jamboard to Japan. G Suite customers in Japan can now purchase Jamboard for 640,000 JPY, which includes two styluses, an Read more →
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In the unpredictable world of digital marketing, not having an expertise can cost you and your brand a lot. This is why, we at Digital Flic Edu make sure that all of our students learn to stay ahead and become digital market influencers, all by following our course syllabus which is designed and updated to meet the ever-demanding industry standards.

Digital Marketing is no more just a branch of marketing; it is set to become the most important aspect of a brand’s external communication. In our Digital Marketing Institute in Dwarka, there are experts from all aspects of the field, who come together to explain the core concepts of marketing. Starting with a Marketing Basics class, learners are taken through each and every step of processes such as - Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, and more. In addition to learning the fundamentals of these processes our experts make sure that a clear understanding of all the underlying Analytics of these processes is thoroughly followed.

With us, students get something that is crucial to succeed in the marker – a hands-on experience on each and every high-demand marketing techniques, especially with the live projects that they work on. Our Digital Marketing Institute in Dwarka is poised to be a crucial part of the marketing industry – an industry which documented a record 22% of all marketing budget expenditure by major companies in the year 2017.

The digital marketing channels are opening up and companies are looking for experts to promote their products more efficiently. The onus is on you to join us and become a leader in taking this industry and yourself to unparalleled heights.