Ultimate WordPress Course


Win back your business from your competition by really learning Google Ads like an expert.

1 Month
1 hr/day (Alternate Days)
12 Classes
Rs. 10K + (18% GST)
4 Batches

Course Include

  • What is Google Adwords?
  • How To Switch Back To The Older Version Of AdWords
  • Creating Your Very First Google AdWords Account
  • Using Your Website Navigational Structure To Structure Your AdWords Campaigns
  • Naming Your Campaign and Selecting The Right Campaign Type
  • Understanding the Different Types of Google AdWords Device Targeting
  • Understanding Location Targeting at the Campaign Level in AdWords
  • Configuring Location Targeting and Using the Advanced Search Functions
  • Using Advanced Location Targeting Setting to Further Customize Your Ad Delivery
  • Setting Your Language Targeting Settings
  • Introduction to Bidding Strategies
  • Introduction to Bidding Strategies
  • Manual CPC Bidding
  • Automated Bidding Strategies (Target CPA, Target ROAS, Target Page Location, Target outranking share, maximize clicks & ECPC)
  • Understanding Standard vs Accelerated Ad Delivery Options
  • Understanding Ad Extensions like Sitelink, Location, Call, Callout, Structured Snippet and Location Extensions
  • Configuring Multiple Campaign-Level Ad Extensions Inside the AdWords Dashboard
  • In-Depth Look At Ad Scheduling at the Campaign Level in AdWords
  • Understanding What Ad Rotation is & How To Choose The Right Ad Rotation For You
  • Overview of Dynamic Search Ads and How to Use Tracking Templates in AdWords
  • What You Need To Know About ETA's (Expanded Text Ads)
  • The Anatomy of AdWords Expanded Text Ads
  • Crafting Your First Text Ad
  • Keyword Basics: Keywords vs Queries
  • Understanding Keyword Match Types
  • Understanding Broad Match Keyword Match Type
  • Understanding Broad Match Modified Keyword Match Type
  • Phrase and Exact Match Keyword Match Types
  • Keyword Research: The Concept Of Keyword Themes
  • Keyword Research: Using Google's Suggested Keywords And Creating Your First List
  • Keyword Research: Using Suggested Searches As A Research Tool
  • Advanced Keyword Research: Using The Google Keyword Planner
  • Using Google Keyword Planner To Get Volume And Cost Estimates
  • Keyword Research: Putting It All Together With Structured Keyword Lists
  • Keyword Planning: How People Communicate With Search Engines?
  • Keyword Planning: What Keywords Can Teach Us About Buying Intent
  • Keywords And The Four Stages Of The Buying Funnel - Awareness, Interest, Shop, Buy
  • How To Predict Which Keywords Are Going To Lead To Sales And Conversions
  • How To Organize Your Keywords By Relevancy In Microsoft Excel
  • Formatting Your Keywords With Different Match Types In Microsoft Excel
  • Account Structure: How To Create A New Ad Group Within Your Campaign
  • Importing Your Keyword Lists From Excel Into Your New Ad Group
  • Creating Multiple, Relevant Ads For Your New Ad Groups
  • How To Navigate Between Ad Groups, Keywords and Ads Within A Campaign
  • Setting Up Your AdWords Billing
  • Introduction To The AdWords Auction
  • Understanding Quality Score: Click Through Rate And Ad Relevancy
  • Understanding Quality Score: Landing Page Quality
  • Understanding Ad Rank and How It Is Calculated
  • When You Could Ignore Low Quality Scores (and when you can't!)
  • Advanced Techniques: Diagnosing Low Quality Score With Excel Pivot Tables including Account Level QS
  • Navigating The AdWords Dashboard
  • How To Edit, Pause And Enable Keywords, Ad Groups and Campaigns
  • Editing The Essential Campaign Settings
  • How To Create New Campaigns That Will Improve Your Results
  • How To Use Your Website To Make The Best Campaigns Possible
  • How To Set Up Powerful Custom Schedules For Your Campaigns
  • Understanding Bid Adjustments And Using Them To Enhance Your Custom Schedules
  • Understanding Negative Keywords In-Depth
  • Using Broad, Phrase and Exact Match With Your Negative Keywords
  • Adding and Removing Negative Keywords and Negative Keyword Lists
  • Search Query Report

    • Understanding Search Queries and What We Learn From Searcher Language
    • Accessing The Search Query Report and Understanding Long Tail Keywords
  • Testing of Ad Copies

    • How to do A/B Testing of Ad Copies?
  • Introduction To Ad Extensions
  • The Benefits Of Using Ad Extensions
  • Different Types Of Ad Extensions and Best Practices
  • Adding Sitelink Extensions
  • Configuring Your Sitelink Extensions For The Best Results
  • Adding Callout Extensions And Phone Extensions
  • The 5 Primary Forms Of Remarketing
  • Realizing The Benefits And Importance Of Remarketing
  • How To Create And Add Your Remarketing Tag
  • Creating Your First Remarketing Audience
  • Configuring Your Remarketing Campaign Settings
  • Understanding The Basics Of Conversion Tracking
  • Exploring The Different Conversion Actions Visitors Take On Your Site
  • Setting Up Conversion Tracking For Form Submissions
  • Generating And Installing Your Conversion Tracking Tag
  • Understanding The Basics Of Phone Call Tracking
  • Setting Up Phone Call Tracking And Understanding How To Analyze Conversion Data
  • Return On Ad Spend (ROAS): Important Distinction
  • How To Mathematically Calculate ROI and ROAS
  • Calculating Max CPC Bids From Your Conversion Rate And Conversion Value
  • Calculating Profitable Keyword Bids Based On Revenue Per Click
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